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Pure Anada

Loose Mineral Foundation

Loose Mineral Foundation

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This loose mineral foundation was Pure Anada's flagship product. Their founder was looking for a full coverage foundation that felt lightweight on her sensitive skin. This foundation was created to meet that need.

This loose mineral foundation is a loose minimalistic formula with concentrated pigments to give you the most amount of coverage with the least amount of product. You will love how it feels on your skin!

How to Use: Apply Smooth Priming Serum on clean skin to achieve a smooth, even base for makeup application; then moisturize and apply mineral foundation. Keep in mind, that "less is more", since our Loose Mineral Foundation is very concentrated. A jar typically lasts someone 4-6 months with daily application.

Use a Flat Top Foundation Brush for best results. Tap a small amount of minerals into the cap, dip in the brush, and buff onto the skin in a circular motion.

Size: 10g

Colour Descriptions:

Atlantic Bisque - Very fair with neutral undertones.

Rose - Very fair with cool undertones.

Sunkissed Canadian - For a light complexion with a bit of a pink tint

Pacific Tan - Medium. A popular shade for those with tanned complexions. Exudes a more bronze than golden tones.

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